Globally networked learning (GNL) refers to an approach to research, learning, and teaching that enables students, faculty, and non-academic researchers from different locations around the world to participate in, and collaborate on, knowledge-making processes and concrete research projects. With the aid of various forms of technology - including but not limited to, learning management systems, video conferencing software and hardware, cloud computing and social media - they are brought together in a consortium to collaborate on projects that bring together the diverse perspectives of participants to produce a richer, more nuanced, understanding of the issue(s) at hand. A GNL project might entail or produce cross-cultural discussion on a particular course concept, a joint lecture over multiple time zones, a shared assignment, or a collaborative research project, among other possibilities. The promise of GNL lies in its facilitation, and institutionalization, at YorkU of these new and creative forms of knowledge-making across cultures.

The GNL Project at York University began in 2010. “The GNL project at York is currently an autonomous zone bringing researchers, instructors and students together to imagine and experiment with the idea of ‘global thinking’ as a critical skill to acquire for globally networked working environments. GNL can create rich cultural connections by designing a learning environment that engages students locally and internationally in conversations with the goal of advancing collaboratively the latest thinking on global issues," says Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, the current GNL Project Lead. Learn more about the project's conceptualization, history, and future directions here.

Over the Summer 2017 academic term, the GNL Project will coordinate ‘bootcamp’ and webinar sessions for York University faculty members, as well as library and IT staff who wish to mount, or provide support for, internationalized courses and classrooms here at York. The bootcamp and webinar, taken together, will provide a deeper understanding of how to effectively develop partnerships, curriculum and pedagogy, as well as how to integrate various forms of technology for globally networked learning (GNL) courses. All bootcamps and webinars will be co-facilitated by John E. Fowler (Former Assistant Director - Center for Collaborative Online International Learning), Lisa Endersby (Educational DeveLoper from The Teaching Commons at York University) and Dominique Scheffel-Dunand (GNL at York Project Lead). Please click here for more information and to register for these bootcamp and webinar sessions.