About GNL at York

The GNL Project at York was conceptualized by Robin Roth, professor in Geography and is funded by the Academic Innovation Fund (AIF).  “The GNL project at York is currently an autonomous zone bringing researchers, instructors and students together to imagine and experiment with the idea of ‘global thinking’ as a critical skill to acquire for globally networked working environments. GNL can create rich cultural connections by designing a learning environment that engages students locally and internationally in conversations with the goal of advancing collaboratively the latest thinking on global issues," says Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, the current GNL Project Lead.

The 2015-2016 was Year 1 of the AIF for the GNL Project at York. In this year, we developed the GNL project team and steering committee, and conducted research on the concept of GNL and how GNL environments have been implemented in institutions of higher education around the world.

The 2016-2017 academic year was Year 2 of the Project. This year, we designed workshops for faculty members and library staff as well as focus groups for students in order to raise awareness of GNL at both of York’s campuses. These events served as an environmental scan of faculty and students to gauge their interest in piloting and participating in GNL courses in Year 3. It also allowed us to find out how students and faculty themselves would like to shape the direction of the Project. We also conducted background research into the forms of technology and institutional support currently available and needed in the future, to implement GNL courses and a GNL environment at York.

The 2017-18 academic year is Year 3 of the Project. This aim of this year is to deliver training workshops for faculty members and library staff interested in designing, implementing, and supporting GNL courses, prepare documents and other materials - including an instructor guide and several instructional videos - and set up consultation sessions to provided faculty members with the support they need to mount GNL courses in the future. In this year, we will also be conducting research into how we might be able to house GNL within York.

We invite you to watch the below videos to learn more about the GNL Project at York University.