Globally networked learning (GNL) is a method of learning and of research. It enables students to connect with faculty and non-academic researchers from different locations to participate in, and collaborate on, knowledge-making practices and research projects. This form of experiential learning allows students to explore and assess different conceptual and analytical frameworks, design projects, share research findings, give and receive feedback in conversation with students and faculty from multiple social, political and economic contexts. It prepares students for future academic success and careers that require international experience. GNL also helps develop the ability of students to work on projects that require global collaboration and decision-making.

GNL is made possible with the aid and use of technology. These include, but are not limited to, learning management systems, video conferencing software and hardware, cloud computing and social media. Together, these systems of communication help students connect and collaborate with faculty and researchers beyond YorkU who are working on similar projects of interest. It also facilitates greater exposure to the work and contributions of YorkU students who will creatively engage in, and contribute to, research and collaboration. In so doing, GNL reaffirms York’s position as an institution of diverse, socially-relevant, and cutting edge research.

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